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Dr. Uwe Napiersky

Assessment Specialist, E-learning Architect and Facilitator

Key Facts

Global reach and experience: lived and worked in different countries in Europe, Asia and America . Reach virtually: everywhere – any time.

Languages: English and German

Skill & Expertise:  Uwe is an experienced business professional with core skills in leadership consultation and international facilitation. He has a high level of consulting experience, working with complex organisations around the world. As an expert in Management Diagnostic he is experienced in leading the design and deployment of development & assessment centres, at middle and senior management levels and in conducting individual assessments at CEO and partner level.

Qualifications: Ph.d Business Psychology

Psychometric and 360 used: OPQ, MBTI, PAPI, TRAIT, etc. 360 degree experience: developed and designed 360 for global companies. Provides 360 degree feedback since 1995.

Uwe is a business psychologist and learning architect. He is a member of the Work and Organisational Psychology Group at Aston Business School, UK, specialising in creating both manager/leader soft skill development and virtual learning programmes. He currently teaches the programmes:  Mindful Global Manager for international MBA students and Global Working for undergraduates. Before arriving at Aston he worked 20 years for Fortune100/blue chip companies across the globe in all sectors and across all management levels as a consultant. 

Other areas of expertise are management/ leadership development, management training, curriculum design, and executive coaching. Uwe has been featured in the Journal of Applied Psychology and facilitates in German and English.

Uwe Napiersky, Facchini Consulting
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