Supercharge your decision making

We have all attended meetings where we didn’t know why we were there or whether our participation was really required.  It is also surprising how easily meetings can turn into a battle of the egos that result in conflict rather than consensus.

At Facchini Consulting we have experienced facilitators that can help organisation make the most of their resources and capacity by acting as catalysts and ensuring that participants stay focused on objectives so that all effective contributions are considered.

Avoid the drawbacks, enjoy the benefits

We know that in some circumstances groups produce better results than individual efforts, but we also know that when not properly assembled and planned, groups can become bottle-necks preventing timely and effective decision-making.

Our experienced facilitators will help you set clear objectives for the meeting, help you decide who needs to attend and facilitate your discussions to encourage inclusivity, innovative thinking and a pragmatic problem-solving attitude.

Learn to make your meetings more effective

By using our assessment tools to develop self-awareness, we can also coach individuals to understand how their behaviours can either enhance or hinder effective discussions at meetings.  This will enable them to become effective facilitators and contributors, allowing you to develop your workforce and make the most of your talent.

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