You have interviewed the candidate - now get the full picture

Interviews are great opportunities to meet candidates and talk openly about their skills and experience.  They also allow us to gauge their attitudes to team work, risk and authority, and to evaluate how their preferences and values compare to those of their prospective team or the organisation as a whole.

Seeing beyond the CV

Employers are naturally inclined to find out if a candidate possesses the technical skills and abilities required to do the job.  We sometimes aim to cover so much in an interview that it can become difficult to see the person behind the CV for what they really are.

With so much at stake it is wise to seek further reassurance.  While CVs and experience tell you if a candidate can do the job, it will not tell you if they will do the job, or how they are going to interact with colleagues and customers.

At Facchini Consulting we combine our expertise with the latest psychometric assessments to take your selection process to the next level, using psychometric data for job profiling and for designing behavioural-specific interviews.

We integrate the findings from our interviews with psychometric data to produce tailored consultant reports that are perfectly aligned to your competency framework.

Organisations use this information to validate their interviews, and to focus more on the behavioural characteristics of candidates as a way to gain greater insight into their potential for future performance.

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