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Caroline Päkel

Creativity, Innovation and Change Management - Coach and Facilitator

Key Facts


Global reach and experience: Europe – North America – Middle-East - Africa


Languages: English and French


Skills & Expertise: bridging the gap with users/consumers, creative problem solving, idea generation, team building, innovation, organisational culture change, cross-cultural communications issues; coaching, training, facilitation


Qualifications: BSc. Business Management & English, France; BSc. Psychology (Hons), UK; MSc. Creativity & Change Leadership, USA


Innovation assessments used: FourSight, KAI

Caroline works as a creative facilitator, as a trainer and as a coach. Both her personal background and professional journey are international in nature. She is half-French and half-German - French is her mother tongue -, studied Spanish and has lived in the UK for most of her professional life – with spells in Germany, Central America and Cyprus.


Her work has taken her across all continents, first as a cross-cultural qualitative researcher and for the last 8 years as a creative facilitator. The range of fields and sectors she has covered is extensive and includes pharmaceuticals, leisure, travel/tourism, IT, personal care, cosmetics and   FMCG. 


The vast majority of her clients are blue-chip companies with international brands or operations. These have included many of the various Disney companies across different markets, for example.


Her international experience has given her a strong sense and understanding of cross-cultural issues for which she has developed a number of proprietary strategies, when working or consulting with large global executive teams. Her personal research focus in the last few years has centered on dialogue, circle work and ways to induce more effective communication and consensual decision-making among groups and teams.


Caroline holds the French equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and English from the university of Nancy in France; a Bachelor‘s degree in Psychology from the Open University in the UK and a Master’s degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the University of New York in the USA.


Over recent years, she has participated and led a number of sessions at ESOMAR, CREA and CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) conferences. 


Finally, she is also trained in the use and application of Theory U – MIT Otto Scharmer change management approach.

Caroline Pakel
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