Technical knowledge does not necessarily translate into good leadership

Leaders are usually chosen on the basis of their demonstrated technical abilities but rarely chosen on the basis of a demonstrated talent for leadership.  We all know colleagues who have been promoted into leadership roles thanks to their knowledge and expertise, only to find that they lack the leadership skills required to build and maintain a high performing team. 

Poor leadership is not simply an absence of technical, cognitive, and strategic skills.  Rather, dysfunctional dispositions, and the flawed interpersonal strategies associated with them, can degrade whatever skills and competencies a leader might otherwise possess.  At their worst, such leaders may be perceived as destructive.

Leadership skills can be learned

At Facchini Consulting we realise that organisations and individuals seek executive coaching to enhance the effectiveness of leaders and, by extension, to improve the performance of organisations.  Our programme is tailored to suit your leadership development needs.

Our executive coaching model, based on the Hogan Assessment Systems Performance Model, addresses four key competency domains that typify leadership:

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Our expert coaches at Facchini Consulting combine in-depth knowledge with cutting edge personality, cognitive and 360 degree assessments to coach and facilitate performance in these crucial competency domains.

We believe that assessments are key to effective executive coaching as they provide useful information on which an intervention can be based.  The characteristics included in our coaching model contribute to leadership effectiveness and, by extension, organisational outcomes.

Contact us now to find how our executive coaching model and assessments system can help your senior team maximise their leadership potential.

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