Personality assessments predict performance

At Facchini Consulting we combine our expert knowledge with insightful personality assessments to support a host of employee lifecycle management applications including:

Candidate Screening: We help organisations to objectively, accurately, and defensibly identify candidates likely to demonstrate strong on-the-job performance through an in-depth assessment of their personality characteristics and the use of behavioural job interviews.

On-Boarding: We provide new hires and their managers with critical information that will support high performance as quickly as possible, allowing your talent to hit the ground running.

Employee & Leadership Development: We help employees and leaders gain the self-insight necessary to maximise performance, effectiveness and facilitate personal development.

Team Development: We help teams understand the implications of salient team-wide behavioural tendencies and values in light of team goals, responsibilities, aspirations, and upcoming challenges.

High Potential Identification & Succession Management: We help organisations accurately identify individuals who possess the characteristics and competencies necessary to move into leadership positions.

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CCV - Sales Competence Coefficient
HPI - Hogan Personality Inventory
HDS - Hogan Development Survey
MVPI - Motives values preferences inventory
personality assessments
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