To formulate the right questions, CVs are simply not enough

Getting the most out of interviews can be difficult.  Research shows that interviews based exclusively on the information contained on CVs result in only 25% hiring success; this should not come as a surprise.

Am I asking the right questions?

Interviews are the only opportunity to formulate the right questions, probe areas that really matter and assess the risks associated with a candidate’s personality.  They are notoriously open to interviewer bias (we often tend to hire people who are like us), have low accuracy and don’t give us enough time to cover everything. 

Candidates often lack objectivity and greatly overestimate their potential, while not paying enough attention to their risk behaviours or developmental opportunities.

Furthermore, some individual are better suited to excel at interviews when compared to others.  However, it is not uncommon for interview stars to fail to substantiate their claims once in the role.  Sometimes interviews only serve to measure how well people perform at interview.

How did I get it so wrong?

The outcome is usually that a very different person emerges once on the job, leaving employers to question how could they get it so wrong.

At Facchini Consulting we combine our expertise with the latest psychometric assessments to provide you with key information that can be used to identify the areas that need to be further investigated at interviews, helping you formulate the right questions.  

We also provide you with objective and quantifiable measures that accurately predict performance in any given job.  With this intelligence you will be able to evaluate job and cultural fit, and the potential and associated risks of every candidate.

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