Leadership matters

The current global crisis has turned the world’s economy on its head and altered people’s perception of organisations and their leaders. 

In order to succeed under these new challenging conditions organisations need to become more flexible, efficient and focused on their customers - even reinvent themselves.  These objectives can only be achieved by selecting, developing and coaching the right leaders. 

What is good leadership?

Our model, based on Dr. Robert Hogan’s theories on leadership, focuses on the ability of leaders to build and maintain high-performing teams.  Effective leaders achieve this by displaying and developing the following qualities:

  1. Integrity: leaders that behave in an ethical way, trust people and can be trusted.

  1. Good judgement: they make judgements based upon their knowledge and experience, but considering the wider personal and environmental impact of their decisions.

  1. Competence in business: leaders are able to identify and analyse key issues, can prioritise and can keep their teams and organisations focused.

  1. Vision: establishing a vision for their teams or organisations and being able to articulate that vision in order to inspire their staff is a key quality of leaders.

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