What you see is not always what you get


It is usual to hire people and evaluate their potential on the basis of work experience and qualifications; as a consequence, we can underestimate the massive performance and productivity differences that exist between individuals.


Research shows that beyond qualifications and experience, people’s attitudes, values and personalities can be critical in determining how they behave and perform at work. 


Recruitment is a high-risk business


Hiring the wrong person can be very expensive, considering factors such as wasted productivity, re-hiring costs, the impact on staff morale and the resulting poor performance, to name but a few.  It is estimated that the average cost of hiring the wrong employee is, on average, 150% of his or her annual salary.




At Facchini Consulting we combine our expertise with the latest psychometric assessments to provide you with key information that can be used to identify the areas that need to be further investigated at interviews, helping you formulate the right questions when you meet the candidates.  


We also take your selection process to the next level, using psychometric data for job profiling and for designing behavioural-specific interviews conducted by our consultants. We then integrate the findings from our interviews to produce tailored consultant reports that are perfectly aligned to your competency framework and provide a hiring recommendation and overall evaluation of fit within the role and your organisational culture and values.

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