Sales Competence Coefficient - CCV

The CCV© is a personality assessment which helps you select or develop individuals with exceptional sales potential.

The tool provides an overall sales potential score, as well as scores on six specific competencies that are associated with outstanding sales performance:

  1. Achievement Motivation

  2. Self Confidence

  3. Ego Strength

  4. Persuasiveness

  5. Initiative

  6. Energy

Multiple predictive validity studies carried out in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa have demonstrated that, on average, applicants with high CCV scores sell 26% more than those with low scores.

The CCV has been in continuous commercial use in America, Europe, Asia and Africa since 2005 and is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Bahasa and Arabic.

The assessment is available off-the-shelf and does not require any certification, making it easy to implement.  It also comes with a handy interview guide listing questions that can be asked in relation to the six core competencies.

Key Features

  1. 15 minutes average completion time

  2. 92 items

  3. Online administration and scoring, 24/7

  4. In-built validation scales (Sincerity and Accuracy)

Click here for a sample CCV report, or contact us now to discuss how using the CCV can increase your sales and profits and to arrange a free trial.

CCV - Competence Sales Coeffcient
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CCV - Competence Sales Coefficient
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