Employee Reliability Inventory - ERI

What the ERI is

The Employee Reliability Inventory (ERI®) is an 81-item pre-employment work behaviour skills assessment.  It is used to help identify reliable and productive individuals, who are most likely to help companies achieve their Strategic Priorities.

What the ERI does

The questionnaire contains 81 statements which are answered as being either true or false and can be completed in 12 to 20 minutes, by Internet or in a paper and pencil format.

Scores are provided for each of the seven specific work behaviour skill areas assessed by the ERI® System:

  1. Trustworthiness

  2. Courtesy / Customer Service

  3. Conscientiousness

  4. Long Term Job Commitment

  5. Safe Job Performance

  6. Emotional Maturity

  7. Freedom From Disruptive Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use

Research, including publications in peer-reviewed professional journals, consistently documents a broad range of positive outcomes associated with ERI® use.

These documented outcomes include:

  1. Reduction in turnover by an average of 35%

  1. Reduction in inventory shrinkage, with an estimated savings of US$14,100 per million dollars of sales

  1. Reduction in compensated lost time by an average of 36%

  1. Reduction of workers’ compensation costs by an average of 40%

  1. Reduction in the number of positive pre-employment drug tests by 59%

  1. Improved customer service and overall job performance

• An average return on investment of over 600%

Furthermore, the assessment is available off-the-shelf and does not require any training, which allows you to implement this solution immediately.

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ERI - Employee Reliability Inventory
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ERI - Employee Reliability Inventory
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